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Complete and Affordable Dental Software

DentiMax offers easy-to-use, full-featured dental office software that completely integrates dental practice management, digital imaging and patient clinical charting.

Whether you are looking for easy and inexpensive dental practice management software to simplify your billing and scheduling for patients, or need a complete full-featured system to manage digital imaging and clinical charting, DentiMax has the right software features you need at an amazingly low price.


DentiMax has been reviewed and approved by leading dentists.

DentiMax Setup and Training

DentiMax is easy to set up and easy to use. All versions DentiMax software come with 30-days of 1-800 telephone technical support, a comprehensive manual and context sensitive help screens. If you have high-speed Internet access, our technical support can remotely log onto your computer and assist you in setting up your software.

Although DentiMax dental practice management software is designed to be easy to use and require minimal training time, you may wish purchase one of our training options. The comprehensive interactive training CDs will handhold you through learning the software. If you would like further assistance, ask about our live one-one, online training as well as available local representatives who can train you and your staff at your office.

Easy Treatment Planning


Digital Imaging

Powerful Front Office



Perio Charting

Perio Charting

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

To help with setting up your dental office, the existing data from your previous software can be transferred into DentiMax. We offer data conversions from Dentrix®, Eaglesoft®, Easy Dental®, ACE®, TDOCS®, SoftDent®, Lytec Dental®, Practisoft®, Meer Manager®, Intellident®, EZDent 2000®, COBBs® as well as other systems. Updating your current dental software program to DentiMax may be less expensive than paying your annual maintenance and support fees

Why is DentiMax Software priced so low?

Dental practices deserve the latest technology solutions at an affordable price. Dental practice management software and digital image technology do not need to be excessively expensive and DentiMax is proving it.

DentiMax also does not require any maintenance service fees or support fees. You can set up the software yourself, have a local dealer set up your software, or have your own computer technician set up your system.

DentiMax is a fraction of the cost of other leading practice management programs!

DentiMax Revolutionizes the Practice Management Market

By combining easy-to-use screens with a complete feature set and industry leading low prices, DentiMax has revolutionized the practice management market. From the charting screen, you are literally one click away from digital x-rays, clinical notes, treatment planning and medical alerts. Create a complete system by adding the DentiMax Imaging module and DentiMax digital x-ray sensors. Or, use the DentiMax Imaging module to interface with more than 25 different digital sensors, including Suni®, Trophy®, Schick®, DentOptix®, Sirona®, Dental Ray®, and DEXIS®.

DentiMax software is easy to use and looks similar to Windows XP and Windows Vista, and yet DentiMax’s prices continue to be a fraction of our competitors’ prices. Choose the $499 single-computer version, the $3,346 network bundle, or other low –priced options. DentiMax is a phenomenal value.

If you are considering the $499 version of DentiMax, please note, not all low-cost dental software is the Same – there is a difference.

Before purchasing any Dental Practice Management Software, make sure it offers these six essentials:

Peer Reviewed and Approved


“…I reviewed the latest software from DentiMax and was impressed by the way it graphically displayed three major cash flow indicators, all within a monthly calendar … cash-flow management is an important pat of any office, and this software makes it easier.”

-- Dr. Joe Blaes, Dental Economics Editor (Click here for the complete article)


“…there are a few companies that offer reasonably-priced practice management software with the features your practice needs…”

-- Dr. Peter T. Lwin Yang, Dental Office (Click here for the complete article)


Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee that is either published on the website or can be given to you in writing. If you make a mistake in your initial decision, make sure you can get your money back!


Upgrade Path

An upgrade path to fully integrated clinical charting, perio charting, prescription writing and digital imaging software. Please don’t lock yourself into limited software. Make sure there is some type of upgrade path to these advanced features and that these features are fully integrated with the software’s ledger and scheduler.


Perio Exam

Bridging DentiMax to digital imaging as well as other third party applications makes for a powerful combination. DentiMax interfaces with over 25 different digital sensors, including Suni®, Trophy®, Schick®, DenOptix®, Sirona®, Dental Ray® and DEXIS®. Use DentiMax to send e-claims to one of three different clearinghouses and bridge DentiMax to Trojan’s® acclaimed insurance benefit software.


Auto Procedure Code Editing

Incorrect Procedure Code Warning

Auto procedure code editing to help you correct missing claim information before you send claims to the insurances companies. If your software doesn’t prompt you to correct and add missing information to claims, then claims with errors will be sent to the insurance companies.


Interactive Insurance Claim Editing


Interactive insurance claim editing with the ability to note treatment remarks, number of x-ray enclosures and others insurance claim information. Graphical claim editors are easy to use and are designed to save you and your staff time as well as minimize your claim rejections.


Easy Navigation

Navigation Buttons

Easy-to-use screens and menus with web-like back/forward/home buttons. Make sure your software has these easy to use back, forward and home buttons – they’re just like the buttons in your web browser. If the software is too complicated, you’re not going to use it.

Complete and Affordable Dental Software

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